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Solution of intelligent control system for liquid nitrogen tank

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The intelligent control system for liquid nitrogen tanks is an integrated application system that integrates liquid nitrogen monitoring, equipment control, data communication, computers, and alarms using qualitative to quantitative design methods based on ultra-low temperature application technology. The intelligent control system for liquid nitrogen tanks utilizes technological means such as networking, communication, database, and cloud storage to provide customers with intelligent solutions that serve the entire life cycle of liquid nitrogen tank control.

Intelligent management strategy to reduce personnel work

Monitor liquid nitrogen tank equipment under platform management, and combine centralized control with regional control to improve management efficiency.

24-hour liquid level and temperature monitoring

Liquid nitrogen data can be monitored by department, region, and date, and accurate statistical analysis can be performed based on month, month, and day.

Scenario based intelligent strategy

Using the scenario function, automatically adjust the working state of the liquid supply according to the liquid nitrogen consumption parameters to achieve automatic control

Remote control 24-hour duty

Managers can easily grasp the operating status of all devices on site, whether they are on the device site or not, and monitor all devices with one click to achieve remote management

Multi user rights management

It is divided into administrator permissions and ordinary user permissions, and different device areas will also be assigned different device control permissions